"Rolfing is an excellent preventative treatment of chronic problems",
Gerold Schwartz, orthopaedist and team physician of the national league-soccer player of the HSV.

"...when Ida Rolf integrates structure, as nobody else can, she improves functioning ... Rolfing was a revealing and unforgettable experience for me."
Moshe Feldenkrais, founder of the Feldenkrais Method

"My wife recommended [Rolfing] highly ... the first of ten sessions fixed [my back pain]." Willie Nelson, singer and songwriter

"I really noticed a difference in the following days. It was as if I was somehow 'a little more upright' without thinking about it or trying to 'force' it. But I did feel some pressure points for a few days, and my back felt like it was 'dropping into line' somehow. "
A. after a rolfing session

"Afterwards my posture felt amazing and I could really notice my lungs taking in more air which has got to be a good thing!"
M. after the first session